What you need to know.

How you can prepare in 10 Easy Steps.

Below is a list of requirements for the application process:

Anyone on the lease as a tenant, occupant, or guarantors must provide the following:

  1. Cover letter (optional but effective)
  2. Rental Application
  3. Government issued photo ID.
  4. Employment letter which should include:
    • Job Letter/Title
    • Length of employment
    • Income
    • Supervisor contact Information
  5. Two recent pay stubs, or NOA if self employed
  6. Full credit report with score. Either TransUnion, or Credit Karma, Equifax is recommended
  7. Be prepared to have the first and last month’s rent upon acceptance of an offer.
  8. $100-$200 refundable deposit for key, fob and garage door opener  (if applicable).
  9. Once approved, you must provide proof of tenant insurance ($15-$20/month)
  10. Be sure to update your mailing address and driver’s licence!